Cat Cages – Our selection of cat cages for housing, providing secure and comfortable living spaces for your feline companion, whether for permanen or temporary use at home or outdoor.

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    Small Cat Cage – Bright Orange Red Body Color


    Provide your cats with a comfortable and durable indoor/outdoor home featuring reliable materials, ample space, adjustable perches, and a lockable door for easy access and safety.

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    Sanmen Iron Pet Cage


    Provide your pets with a comfortable and versatile living space using our 4-Tier Pet Cage, made of premium materials and featuring a thoughtful design with ladder and platform, lockable casters, and easy cleaning and access.

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    Multifunctional Cat Litter Cabinet White


    Create a spacious and secure outdoor haven for multiple cats with our Large Cat Playpen, featuring durable construction, elevated platforms, and a sunshine roof for sunbathing, while protecting them from predators.

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    Extra Large Cat Cage Bright Orange


    Outdoor Catio for Pets: Create a safe and spacious outdoor haven for your cats with our durable and easy-to-assemble mesh-enclosed cage, featuring jumping platforms, sleeping retreats, and a sunlight top panel.

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    Large 3-Tier Wire Cat Cage With Platforms And Ladders

    Original price was: $160.00.Current price is: $130.00.

    3-tier cat cage with spacious ground space and vertical platforms. Stable resin foundation, strong top bar, and U-shaped fasteners. Rust-proof wire mesh and lockable door for safety. Indoor/outdoor versatility by removing a panel

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    Wooden Cat Cage Outdoor Gray Black


    Natural pinewood construction with pet-friendly wire mesh, suitable for outdoor use. Spacious cat cage with 3 wooden platforms, reinforced for stability and easy assembly.

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    Steel Cat Cage Outdoor Golden


    Durable Cat Cage – thickened steel with golden powder coating, 1-inch wire spacing, 4 swivel casters for mobility, easy to clean

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    Orange Cat Cage With Hammock And Perches


    Give your pet the ultimate safe shelter and activity center with our Outdoor Cat House. Featuring jumping platforms, a hammock, and sunshading panel. Sturdy and easy to assemble.

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    Extra Large Cat Cage Outdoor Bright Orange


    Provide your cats with a safe and weatherproof outdoor space to play and relax with our spacious, durable, and easy-to-assemble cat cage.

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