Cat Window Perches – Create a perfect resting spot for your cat by the window, allowing them to relax, soak up the sun, and enjoy the outdoor view from the comfort of their own elevated perch.

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    Window Cat Hammock – Original Wood Color


    Give your cat the perfect spot to relax and sleep with our Cat Lounge Window Perch – cozy, space-saving, and matches your furniture. Sturdy and detachable, with adjustable screws and easy assembly.

  • Cat Window Perch

    Leopard Print

    Ideal Cat Perch – a foldable design that allows your cat to bask in nature while saving space,stable,comfortable and easy to clean

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    Plush Models Cat Window Perch White


    Give your cat the ultimate sunbathing experience with our comfortable cat window perch, made with premium MDF and iron, offering two assembly methods, a detachable cushion cover, soft and warm high-density sponge, and quick installation. The perfect gift for any cat owner!

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    Wall-mounted Cat Hammock White Plush


    Get our wall-mounted cat hammock with premium pine wood support, versatile applications, a soft and detachable cat pad, and easy assembly instructions for the perfect safe and sturdy spot for your feline friend to lounge and play.

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    Wooden Suction Cup Cat Perch


    This cat accessory offers a comfortable and durable space for indoor cats to relax in the sun, with a removable and washable felt cover, a space-saving wall-mounted design that can be installed in two ways, and a sturdy structure made of a laminated platform and soft looped felt that provides additional horizontal resting space without taking up much floor space.

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    Wall-mounted Cat Hammock Linen Striped


    This wall-mounted cat hammock satisfies a cat’s natural instincts, made from pet-friendly materials with a secure, sturdy design and space-saving features, and can be assembled in a preferred position with removable and washable fabric.

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