• Christmas Tree Small Cat Climbing Frame

    Single Layer
    Christmas Tree
    gift Box
    Double Layer

    Enhance your cat’s comfort and protect your furniture with our high-quality Lounge Bed Cat Scratch Post, designed for rest, play, and furniture protection

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    Plastic Cat Running Wheel Gray


    Get your indoor cats active and entertained with our stylish and sturdy Cat Running Wheel, designed to stimulate playfulness and promote a healthier lifestyle.

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    Through-Top Cat Columns


    Enhance your indoor cat’s playtime with our 9′ Adjustable Height Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree, featuring multi-level perching shelves and a vertical design that stimulates climbing instincts.

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    Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post Solid Wood Color


    Discover our Space-Saving Cat Scratching Post, featuring a wall-mounted design that saves space and adds organization to your home. Made from premium wood wrapped in durable sisal ropes, it provides a perfect spot for your cat to sharpen claws and protect your furniture. With 4 cat shelves for jumping, sleeping, perching, and playing, along with a flexible spring toy mouse for added fun, this easy-to-install cat climbing tree is a wonderful addition to your cat’s environment.

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    36INCH Cat Tree Coffee


    Shop our  Cat Activity Center, a 3-tier cat tree designed to provide your kittens with a vertical territory for resting, sleeping, climbing, playing, and scratching. Made from sturdy and cozy materials, each tier is stable and strong, supporting up to 22 lbs for comfortable lounging. With multiple platforms, a condo, tunnel, and hanging mouse toy, this cat house will be your kitties’ favorite spot for engaging activities all day long. The natural sisal-wrapped posts protect your furniture by satisfying their scratching instinct. Easy assembly with a detailed manual, it’s a compact addition to your living rooms or bedrooms, enhancing your decor.

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    Vertical Waterwheel Cat Scratching Board Solid Wood Color


    Elevate your cat’s playtime with our Modern Cat Scratching Wheel. Its solid wood color and lovely appearance make it a functional decoration for any cat lover’s room. Featuring upgraded materials, including a natural solid wood structure with a smooth finish and a durable jute/sisal scratching cover, this cat scratcher is wear/tear resistant. The 360° rotation and 2 built-in bells provide endless fun, inspiring your kitten’s hunting instinct. The replaceable scratching blanket, wrapped around the catnip-infused roller, can be easily swapped with a sisal one, encouraging your cat to scratch freely. With easy assembly and a lightweight design, you can quickly set up and move this cat exercise toy around your house.

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    Large Cat Running Wheel Original Wooden Color

    Original price was: $220.00.Current price is: $165.00.

    Provide your indoor cats with a stylish and durable Large Cat Running Wheel, designed to promote exercise and keep them healthy. Built from premium materials, this cat treadmill features a unique round wheel, a removable non-slip pad, silent design, easy assembly, and cleaning, reducing furniture damage while providing entertainment and exercise opportunities.

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    Cat Litter Box Enclosure with Cat Tree


    All-in-one cat furniture with cat tree and litter box cabinet. Large tree with 2 condos, perches, ball, and scratching posts. Enclosed litter box cabinet for privacy and easy cleaning. Sturdy wood construction with plush fabric for comfort.

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    2-In-1 Collapsible Cat Tunnel and Bed


    2-in-1 cat tunnel and hide hole with corduroy material for durability. Detachable and foldable for easy cleaning and storage. Lightweight and portable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Five-Level Cat Tree With 3 Perches and 2 Apartments


    Multi-level cat tree with compressed particleboard and flannel cover for warmth. Provides scratching, climbing, lounging, and sleeping. Two private kitty apartments for quiet relaxation.

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    Modern Natural Branch Cat Tree


    Exclusive cat tree with natural branches, plush covering, and furniture protection. Unique cloud design blends with modern furniture

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    Cat Tree With Two Square Cat Box


    Made of high-quality particleboard for stability and safety. Features a double-layer cat house, plush ball accessory, easy assembly, and ladder design with natural sisal for optimal claw rubbing.

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