Cat Trees – Create a vertical playground for your cat with our range of cat trees, providing them with a cozy spot to rest, play, and satisfy their natural instincts to climb and scratch.

  • Christmas Tree Small Cat Climbing Frame

    Single Layer
    Christmas Tree
    gift Box
    Double Layer

    Enhance your cat’s comfort and protect your furniture with our high-quality Lounge Bed Cat Scratch Post, designed for rest, play, and furniture protection

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    Through-Top Cat Columns


    Enhance your indoor cat’s playtime with our 9′ Adjustable Height Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree, featuring multi-level perching shelves and a vertical design that stimulates climbing instincts.

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    Wall Mounted Cat Scratching Post Solid Wood Color


    Discover our Space-Saving Cat Scratching Post, featuring a wall-mounted design that saves space and adds organization to your home. Made from premium wood wrapped in durable sisal ropes, it provides a perfect spot for your cat to sharpen claws and protect your furniture. With 4 cat shelves for jumping, sleeping, perching, and playing, along with a flexible spring toy mouse for added fun, this easy-to-install cat climbing tree is a wonderful addition to your cat’s environment.

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    Modern Natural Branch Cat Tree


    Exclusive cat tree with natural branches, plush covering, and furniture protection. Unique cloud design blends with modern furniture

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